Class Vpim::Vcard::Telephone
In: lib/vpim/vcard.rb
Parent: String

Represents the value of a TEL field.

The value is supposed to be a "X.500 Telephone Number" according to RFC 2426, but that standard is not freely available. Otherwise, anything that looks like a phone number should be OK.


capability  [RW]  voice, fax, video, msg, bbs, modem, isdn, pcs (Array of String): the capabilities of the device
location  [RW]  home, work, cell, car, pager (Array of String): the location of the device
nonstandard  [R]  nonstandard types, their meaning is undefined (Array of String). These might be found during decoding, but shouldn‘t be set during encoding.
preferred  [RW]  true, false (boolean): whether this is the preferred email address