Class Vpim::Vcard::Name
In: lib/vpim/vcard.rb
Parent: Object

The name from a vCard, including all the components of the N: and FN: fields.


additional  [RW]  additional names, from N
family  [RW]  family name, from N
formatted  [R]  all the components of N formtted as "#{prefix} #{given} #{additional} #{family}, #{suffix}"
fullname  [RW]  full name, the FN field. FN is a formatted version of the N field, intended to be in a form more aligned with the cultural conventions of the vCard owner than formatted is.
given  [RW]  given name, from N
prefix  [RW]  such as "Ms." or "Dr.", from N
suffix  [RW]  such as "BFA", from N