Class Vpim::Vcard::Address
In: lib/vpim/vcard.rb
Parent: Object

Represents the value of an ADR field.

location, preferred, and delivery indicate information about how the address is to be used, the other attributes are parts of the address.

Using values other than those defined for location or delivery is unlikely to be portable, or even conformant.

All attributes are optional. location and delivery can be set to arrays of strings.


country  [RW]  country name (String)
delivery  [RW]  postal, parcel, dom (domestic), intl (international) (Array of String): delivery type of this address
extended  [RW]  seldom used, its not clear what it is for (String)
locality  [RW]  usually the city (String)
location  [RW]  home, work (Array of String): the location referred to by the address
nonstandard  [R]  nonstandard types, their meaning is undefined (Array of String). These might be found during decoding, but shouldn‘t be set during encoding.
pobox  [RW]  post office box (String)
postalcode  [RW]  postal code (String)
preferred  [RW]  true, false (boolean): where this is the preferred address (for this location)
region  [RW]  usually the province or state (String)
street  [RW]  street address (String)