Class Vpim::Icalendar::Vtodo
In: lib/vpim/vtodo.rb
Parent: Object


Included Modules

Vpim::Icalendar::Property::Base Vpim::Icalendar::Property::Common Vpim::Icalendar::Property::Priority Vpim::Icalendar::Property::Location Vpim::Icalendar::Property::Resources Vpim::Icalendar::Property::Recurrence

Public Class methods

Create a new Vtodo object.

If specified, fields must be either an array of Field objects to add, or a Hash of String names to values that will be used to build Field objects. The latter is a convenient short-cut allowing the Field objects to be created for you when called like:

  Vtodo.create('SUMMARY' => "buy mangos")

TODO - maybe todos are usually created in a particular way? I can make it easier. Ideally, I would like to make it hard to encode an invalid Event.

Public Instance methods

The date and time that a to-do was actually completed, a Time.

The time at which this Todo is due to be completed. If the DUE field is not present, but the DURATION field is, due will be calculated from DTSTART and DURATION.

The duration in seconds of a Todo, or nil if unspecified. If the DURATION field is not present, but the DUE field is, the duration is calculated from DTSTART and DUE. Durations of zero seconds are possible.

The percentage completetion of the to-do, between 0 and 100. 0 means it hasn‘t started, 100 that it has been completed.

TODO - the handling of this property isn‘t tied to either COMPLETED: or STATUS:, but perhaps it should be?