Class Vpim::Icalendar::Vevent::Maker
In: lib/vpim/vevent.rb
Parent: Object

Make a new Vevent, or make changes to an existing Vevent.


add_rrule   dtend   make   set_rrule   transparency  

Included Modules

Vpim::Icalendar::Set::Util Vpim::Icalendar::Set::Common


event  [R]  The event that changes are being made to.

Public Class methods

Make changes to event. If event is not specified, creates a new event. Yields a Vevent::Maker, and returns event.

Public Instance methods

Add a RRULE to this event. The rule can be provided as a pre-build RRULE value, or the RRULE maker can be used.

Set end for events with fixed durations. end can be a Date or Time

Set transparency to "OPAQUE" or "TRANSPARENT", see Vpim::Vevent#transparency.