Module Vpim::Icalendar::Set::Common
In: lib/vpim/property/common.rb

Properties common to Vevent, Vtodo, and Vjournal.


Public Instance methods

Set the access class of the component, see Icalendar::Property::Common#access_class.

Add an attendee Address, see Icalendar::Property::Common#attendees.

Set the categories, see Icalendar::Property::Common#attendees.

If cats is provided, the categories are set to cats, either a String or an Array of String. Otherwise, and array of the existing category strings is yielded, and it can be modified.

Set the comment, see Icalendar::Property::Common#comments.

Set the timestamp, see Icalendar::Property::Common#timestamp.

Set the last modification time, see Icalendar::Property::Common#lastmod.

Set the event organizer, an Icalendar::Address, see Icalendar::Property::Common#organizer.

Without an adr it yields an Icalendar::Address that is a copy of the current organizer (if any), allowing it to be modified.

Set the sequence number, see Icalendar::Property::Common#sequence. is no SEQUENCE; property.

Set the unique identifier of this calendar component, see Icalendar::Property::Common#uid.