Class Vpim::Icalendar::Address
In: lib/vpim/address.rb
Parent: Object

Used to represent calendar fields containing CAL-ADDRESS values. The organizer or the attendees of a calendar event are examples of such a field.


  ORGANIZER;CN="A. Person"

   ;CN="Sam Roberts";


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cn  [RW]  The common or displayable name associated with the calendar address, or nil if there is none.
partstat  [RW]  The participation status for the calendar user specified by the property PARTSTAT, a String.

These are the participation statuses for an Event:

  • NEEDS-ACTION Event needs action
  • ACCEPTED Event accepted
  • DECLINED Event declined
  • TENTATIVE Event tentatively accepted
  • DELEGATED Event delegated

Default is NEEDS-ACTION.

FIXME - make the default depend on the component type.

role  [RW]  The participation role for the calendar user specified by the address.

The standard roles are:

  • CHAIR Indicates chair of the calendar entity
  • REQ-PARTICIPANT Indicates a participant whose participation is required
  • OPT-PARTICIPANT Indicates a participant whose participation is optional
  • NON-PARTICIPANT Indicates a participant who is copied for information purposes only

The default role is REQ-PARTICIPANT, returned if no ROLE parameter was specified.

rsvp  [RW]  The value of the RSVP field, either true or false. It is used to specify whether there is an expectation of a reply from the calendar user specified by the property value.
uri  [RW]  Addresses in a CAL-ADDRESS are represented as a URI, usually a mailto URI.

Public Class methods

Create a new Address. It will encode as a name property.

Public Instance methods

Return true if the uri is == to this address’ URI. The comparison is case-insensitive (because email addresses and domain names are).

Create a copy of Address. If the original Address was frozen, this one won‘t be.

A string representation of an address, using the common name, and the URI. The URI protocol is stripped if it‘s "mailto:".